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Her maid was a good looking lady and knew art of sex more than Sara because of her experience. She was a widow after two years of marriage, without any kid. Sara was happy with her. They both used to play lesbian game in the afternoon when no one else is at home. They satisfy each other and Sara used to give her some gift and money too for her sexual services. One day, Jamuna suggested Sara that the driver, Basant was looking Sara in different way and she is ready to talk to Basant if she like fuck from him. Basant was an educated and well behaved driver used to sit in parking whole day. He was specially appointed only for Sara’s car. Sara used to take him whenever she wanted to go out. Although Sara was happy with lesbian game along with Jamuna but, she was not a lesbian and wanted to satisfy her sexually by a strong man. She was in fear too because of her husband that what will happen if he comes to know about her affair with a driver.

“Fuck, god I love your little fantasy.” I sighed. “Want to know a secret? ” I sighed making her nod her head yes. “She’s convinced me to take her virginity, I want her bad.” I sighed making her body tighten up and shake. “So you’ve already decided? ” She moaned making me nod my head yes. “The answer is yes, I don’t care about her age or the fact that she’s ur little girl.” I sighed making her moan. ” She asked with a look of excitement mixed with lust in her eyes. “Yes I am. Want to know what made me decide? ” I asked making her moan with a smile. ” She sighed through heavy breathing. “When she licked my dick and kissed my dick like she did and begged me to say yes to her. When she didn’t give me enough time to answer her when she asked me if she could take my boxers off, and the look on her face that entire time. That whole thing made me make my decision, yes, I want to take her virginity.” I sighed making her shake and grind against my cock hard.

I leaned over her, reached the remote, and turned off the TV, instantly plunging the room into complete darkness. I pressed the vision of loveliness, now invisible, down on the couch indicating that I wanted her in a horizontal position. It took me a few seconds to make my way around the back of the couch, loosing some of my clothes in the process. When I got into position by feel I reached down trying to find her and encountered a hip, naked. With this orientation I knew where to find her tits. They too were naked. She’d removed every stitch of clothing in the time I undid my belt. This was too good to be true. I knew my voice sounded much like Salman’s and I was only a few inches taller. I decided I’d talk as little as possible and try to keep up the masquerade as long as possible, getting as far as possible into this devine and very sexy goddess. Now that I knew she was already naked, I quickly took off the rest of my clothes.

Thanks to kyron120867 my story is set in his world, but none of his characters are involved. Hello, my name Will Johnson, I was asked to write this story along with my wife. She will write about her experience and I will be writing my experience. So let’s get started. First some info on our house and us, so here we go. 1st floor: an open entrance way that goes all the way up to the roof. Stairs going up starts about 20 feet from the front door. To the right is the Great room that takes up the whole side of the house and up to the ceiling. In the hallway is a door going down into the basement. The kitchen is huge, with an island bar a walk in pantry, and a nice breakfast nook. 2nd floor: go up the stairs to the right is the balcony overlooking the Great room. To the left is the bedrooms, you go left from the stairs you will head down the hallway at the end of the hallway is a door going into the master suite. On the right side of the hallway is two bedrooms with their own bathrooms.

I pulled away from the group, turning around to face the store clerk. “I guess I could get one or two of these MILF or taboo movies. Um, is there any way for me to watch one first? He thought for a moment, “Well I could change the movie playing on the TV here, or there are two booths in the next room. I could put on that TV so you could watch it in private. He pointed to where I needed to go as he took the movie out of the case, went behind the counter to place it in a player. I headed down the hall and found the two booths. I looked into both, saw no difference as both had a chair and a TV in the wall. I went into one, shut the door and sat down to watch the video. As I sat there waiting for the video to begin, I glanced around, and I noticed a hole in the hold at about my height sitting in the chair. I was a fairly large hole, I peeked into it, and I could see the other booth.

Now, the mansion and the grounds were all maintained by robots. Not the kind that can be conversed with but simple machines that only go about their simple tasks as they were programmed to do. Tom wasn’t lacking entirely in company since many women and some men tried to be suitors to him. They were after his family fortune of course. He turned away the men since he didn’t swing their way. He usually fucked the pretty women, then sent them away too the next day. All of them yelling curses at him in the morning when they so eagerly spread their legs and moan for him the night before. In had been about six months since the last attractive girl came along. To a rich man that is used to being able to pick any woman he wants, it was unusual to go without a naked girl in his bed for that long.

Sure, we had nice sex at times, but it wasn’t bold or daring in any way. Now, I longed for something different, but I knew Ron wasn’t the man to do it with. He was too straight-laced and conservative to try anything, shall we say, interesting. I’ll never forget one time when Ron and I were honeymooners, he about choked on his soft drink when I asked him if he was interested in having anal sex with me. I guess the answer was a definite “no.” The sex we have only occurs with him on top or with me on top (mostly he’s on top). No other positions allowed! I supposed fucking one’s wife “doggie style” was too immoral or too, well, animalistic in his mind. Nowadays, if I were to mention something different or out of the ordinary to Ron when it comes to sex, he would give me that “you’re-so-juvenile” look. That look would make me feel silly and embarrassed of myself for having asked such a thing.

I stared down at her, God, even the back of her head was beautiful. So many times this summer my mother had sucked me off, while I closed my eyes and imagined that it was Danielle. And now here I was, and it was actually happening! I know what some of you are thinking.. ‘dude, she offered to Fuck you! Why not go for it? ’, the simple answer is that I don’t know how to Fuck. Danielle pulled my dick from her mouth and sat up. “Get out.” Then she opened her door and got out herself. I did as she said. I stepped out of the car into the night air, my wet erection still sticking out of my pants. Danielle opened the trunk and took out a blanket. She saw me standing there, and looked down at my boner, “nice.” She smiled. We walked into the park, to a darker area, surrounded by trees. She laid out the blanket, kicked off her shoes and stood on it. She motioned for me to come towards her.

Now his naked, hot, long and strong cock was between my palms under the table in a public place when many people were sitting around. I am an adventures girl and I enjoy secret sexual act in between public. I did this kind of acts many times in my life and nobody could notice that what I am doing. He kept table napkin ready on the table so that we can use them in case of need. Table cloth were covering the table about 50%from the top and it was difficult for others sitting there to know what is going on under the table. He also moved his hands towards my knee and pulled my short skirt up. I had helped him lifting my ass. Now his fingers were on my panty but I knew that it was difficult for him to touch my pussy directly with his fingers under my panty.

Harry smiled, giving the other champions a small wave as he left the tent. The others hung back to give Harry some privacy to say goodbye to his godfather, his godfather’s girlfriend, and his honorary uncle, but soon enough they were all heading back inside the castle. Despite many requests, Harry refused to try and open the egg that night. He maintained that he had just completed the first task, and he wanted to just relax for the rest of the evening. Ginny was very supportive of this idea, and spent most of the night sitting on his lap, snuggling into her boyfriend, drinking butterbeer and smiling in contentment. Most of the Gryffindors gave them their space, recognizing that they just needed to be with each other. The last few weeks, Harry had noticed a change inside him. It had started that night with his and Ginny’s first kiss. That chord between them – because he didn’t really know what else to call it – seemed to connect them no matter the distance.