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Chrystal woke as the sun was beginning to peep through her curtains. Had it all been a dream? She thought. Instinctively she touched her pussy. It was a tiny bit sore, so no it was real. Slipping out of bed Chrystal wanted her Daddy. She crept into James room, he was still asleep but he must have been having a nice dream by the look of the erection that poked out of the covers. Chrystal leaned over to kiss her Daddy passionately on the lips. James grabbed her pulled her over him and kissed her with such intensity that it left her breathless. James drooled looking at his daughter in her cute shorts and vest pyjamas. Chrystal giggled taking hold of his very erect cock. He sighed looking into her eyes. Without a word Chrystal slipped under the cover and took James cock in her mouth gently sucking the very tip and licking down the shaft to his balls.

He went right for her ass. Her legs twitched as he jammed himself inside her and rode her with hands on the wall, using her like the fuck toy she was. He felt huge in her tiny hole. She relished the pleasurable pain that her lower body sent to her. She wondered if her lipstick was rubbing off on his dick. Eventually, he released a hot load with a final, aggressive thrust. He was buried to the hilt. When he unsheathed, cum leaked out of both her holes. She felt it running down her inner thighs. He slapped her ass hard before leaving the stall. She let two more random boys pillage her before the position of her lower body became too uncomfortable. She locked the door and reattached her legs. She breathed hard on the toilet for a few minutes before she pulled her skirt over the mess, got fully dressed, and waltzed out of the busy building like nothing had happened. Betsy sent out an alert the morning of the next day. It woke Sam out of a great deep sleep, and put her in a deeply bad mood. She had been dreaming that she was flying.

When I found that out I felt so humiliated. The women could not hear enough about my first experience. The lady had picked him out special just for me. He was everything that she herself had ever wanted and more. He was a terrific guy, a perfect gentleman, and he made sure that I enjoyed myself. We made love twice with him eating my pussy, sucking my nipples, and kissing me very passionately. There was soft music, lighted candles, and a scent of Lilacs in the air. He even took me into the shower with him afterwards too. Every woman was jealous even my own mother. That day I started a new patchwork quilt with a piece of his underwear and I embroidered his name and the date on it too. The following week was quite different. That women let her own husband make love to me but this time she charged him for the privilege.

“Never say never Bro. My mouth and hands have been on this on a few occasions, just like your mouth and tongue were on me. So never say never. By the way, I love the shaved look on you. Ronnie then went up and kissed Amy passionately. When they broke the kiss, Ronnie grabbed Amy by the hand and said, “Come On. Let me show you my bed. Ronnie went up the stairs first, followed closely behind by Amy, who leaned in and licked Ronnie’s ass, as they ascended. Ronnie reached there first and looked back down to Josh and smiled, “Coming Lover? Once he made it to the top, he saw his sister and lover, lying on the bed, facing one another on their sides, and were in a deep kiss. Their hands explored each other, like two very dear lovers. Josh just sat at the end of the bed and took it all in. His cock regrowing back to its full hardness. All he could think then was, “Brian, you lucky son of bitch…. The girls got into a classic 69 position and ate each other.

He had to start the music for the first girl then he turned back to Rachel and told her to watch the others to see what worked and what didn’t, she should use that too and just enjoy the evening. The crowd cheered as the first dancer shook her oversized tits then removed her sequined bra; wasting little time she soon finished stripping. She spent more than half her time nude shaking what God and the plastic surgeon gave her. The crowd roared its approval as she ended her third song. The next girl spent the first song dancing around without taking off anything and the boys let her know that they were displeased. One guy even got up and yelled “show us your tits”! He received a round of applause from his peers. She began her second song by taking off her top but it was too little, too late.

Jimmy slept in late the next morning and Julie was very friendly when he came down to breakfast. “Hey Jimmy, you slept in. I hope the party didn’t keep you awake. And Joe and Mandy said thanks for being so understanding. Can I cook you an some bacon and eggs? Jimmy was a bit surprised, but the food was great. However he knew that when Julie tried to be nice it was always because she wanted something. “Jimmy, Mum phoned and said they’d like to stay another night. When I said that we had got on fine she said thanks and that she and Dad would be coming home tomorrow. “Jimmy, my friends want to come around for a party again tonight. You won’t mind will you? Jimmy looked at his beautiful bitch sister, looked at her glowing face, her big tits and her pussy which was bulging under her tight shorts. He remembered her with those two jocks pumping her both ends, her hairless pussy wide open and waiting for the next jock’s cock.

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