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They lay back quietly while Sammy finished Simone off. His tongue was on her clit, and he had his hand inside her pussy. He hadn’t fisted someone before, but had always liked the idea. He found it easy to push his whole hand inside Simone, though he wondered what she’d done to loosen it up this much. He looked up at her, watching as she orgasmed, feeling her body convulsing around his hand. He pulled it out of her, and licked it clean, savouring her taste. Sammy didn’t hesitate, guiding the tip of his cock into her pussy. It slid in so easily because she was already loosened up, and her pussy was wet. “He’s going to regret fisting her,” said Fiona. “I think it was already pretty loose. I’m pretty she lets lots of guys put their cocks in there.” Florence gave her daughter a squeeze, pressing her breasts more firmly into the smooth skin on her daughters back, her daughter’s breasts resting softly on her mother’s arms.

She quickly swallowed the first two shots, but then had to take me out of her mouth. Not expecting the next one, it hit her right in the eye. To my surprise, she kept her composure, took a breath, and shoved me back in her mouth. She started jerking off the shaft, hastening the rest of my load along. All the while I was still munching away at her snatch, which she still had pressed against my face. Finally, almost in unison, our orgasms finished and our tense bodies relaxed. She swallowed what cum remained in her mouth, and took out my cock. She rolled off me and collapsed on the blanket, both of us panting. After a few minutes, I worked up the strength to move. I spun my body around, so that our heads were next to each other. We laid there naked, staring up at the night sky, still breathing heavily, for 10 minutes before I finally spoke. “So how was that?

We have a month now and I’m sure Anand can bring it up with right coaching which I can definitely offer him.. Classes are closing and I’ll be free next whole week, He can come to my home and I can give him special training..only if it is convenient to you…. He is very bright …sir….just that he needs some extra attention in chemistry.. I stood there unable to understand or even rewind what she just said. 1 full week with my angel. ….I need to masturbate now. Rani: Ready for some extra classes? Me: Hell yeah, and I leaned forward to kiss her. Rani: Wait there cowboy. You have a week for that. Me: But ma’am I need this kiss. Hearing this, she pulled me closer and kissed me on my cheek. Rani: Now that will do. Here is my number and give me yours…. Rani: Just think about me, call me after 9 pm. …you can call me Rani from now on.

We actually picked a place that was close to some people that were having sex, but there was one guy and two girls. It was like, a little overwhelming but I fucking loved it! I didn’t care anymore, so I just got naked right there, and when I looked at mom, she was getting naked too. Then we laid the blanket out and we laid down and watched people have sex like crazy. “So, can I ask you something? ” Mom asked all excitedly like a girl my age (she was way young anyway) making me look at her. “Yeah.” I said while I looked at her. “Were you serious when you said that you’d have sex with your daddy? ” She asked making me get excited since she was the one who brought it up. “Mmmhmmm, he’s so hot.” I whimpered while we listened to the people around us having sex. “When did you start liking your dad like that? ” She asked making me kind of nervous at first, but since we were way open with each other, the nervousness went away.

He couldn’t wait until she put his head in her mouth. Instead, Stacy pulled up for some air. Stacy shook her head as if to disagree before swallowing Nick’s cock whole. She was almost able to fit Nick’s entire 7 inches in her mouth. “Oh wow,” Nick said, impressed with her abilities. Nick grabbed the back of Stacy’s head and started guiding it up and down his cock before realizing that he wanted to treat this as more of a loving experience instead of a lust-filled one. He grabbed her hair and gently held it behind her head so it would not get in the way of her bobbing motion on his cock. The suction and wetness of her mouth felt so amazing that Nick felt like cumming already. “Fuck, you’re good at this. “No, you can’t cum yet. I’ve only just started. Do you wanna get inside me first? As much as he enjoyed oral sex from Stacy, he wanted to fuck her pussy more. He still had that yearning feeling in the pit of his stomach that could only be relieved by being in Stacy’s vagina.

The viewfinder was filled with the image of Jim’s thick cock splitting the swollen lips of Sarah’s receptive pussy, and an unobstructed view of her brown, tightly puckered asshole. Carl was standing next to Dr. Henry, thoroughly mesmerized by the erotic sight. “Damn,” he whispered under his breath, but loud enough the Doctor could hear. Dr. Henry reached over and picked up a bottle of massage oil he had left on the nearby night stand. Carl understood immediately and his face lit up with a huge smile. “I always did like the back door,” he said as he opened the bottle and began to massage the oil onto his rapidly rising cock. “Remember,” Dr. Henry cautioned, “despite everything you’ve seen, she is still relatively inexperienced. I don’t want you to rape her; in fact, I’d like you to take a long time. Sarah continued to move her hips forcing Jim’s cock in and out of her vagina. Both of them had been captured by the moment and were oblivious to anything around them.

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