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He hoped he didn’t take it too hard when he eventually saw that Danny and Lizzy were indeed together at the dance. Feeling Stacy’s ass grinding against his cock had Nick’s mind back to more important matters. He wanted to make sure she felt how hard she made him. He wanted her to beg for his cock when they were alone later that night. As long as Mari’s flirting and his own thoughts didn’t interfere, he was confident he would get his way. Danny’s dick ached in his pants from grinding with Lizzy on the dance floor. Her ass felt amazing against his hard cock. He wanted to unzip the back of her gold dress and ravish her right there on the dance floor. While he fortunately hadn’t run into Mitch yet, he knew it was only a matter of time before his friend found out that he was at the dance with Lizzy. He broke away from Lizzy for a moment, promising to fetch some water for the both of them from the back table.

It was hard not to hate who she had become. She looked down at the puzzle piece tattoo on her wrist covering the scar she made using a knife from her mother’s kitchen the night following her visit to the tattoo shop. She touched it gently with her finger tips thinking about everything she had been through. Holly walked back into her home numb. Roger even helped her all the way to her room and to her bed. Her body ached and her sex felt so raw, swollen and sore. She crawled into her bed feeling more like an object then a person. He loved the feeling of power and control that gave him. He even turned on the water for her and helped her get into the tub standing under the shower head. Since she was still moving slow he gave her a command, “Wash.” She slowly added body wash to her hand and began washing her body.

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Abigail said that, as we lay naked on the bed in a local no-tell motel after our first sexual marathon. Abigail said, “I can be…with the right partner…and you seem to be the right partner. I asked, “Should we set any guidelines? Abigail gave me a funny look and then said, “We cannot fall in love, we both have that with our spouses. I gave her a kiss on her cheek and said, “Then all I have to do is ask! I asked, “So how do you feel about oral and anal? Abigail giggled and answered, “Well I love oral sex and I don’t get anywhere near enough of that at home. Then she said, “What if I want it during my period? I gave a little chuckle and said, “Blood doesn’t bother me at all. That is about the only time that my wife lets me in her. I might get it two nights every twenty-eight days.