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I found the three sexiest women in my eyes together, but of course, it was what it all meant that made a few tears form on my face. I sobbed before a pause. Nothing and no one could absolve my conflicted feelings, but as I realized just how screwed up those feelings were, I shed out numerous tears and looked away just for a moment. Maybe I’m a bitch too, because I don’t want her to be happy unless it is with me, but I even turned her down too. What sense does that make? I want to be the only one between her legs, but do I even think she should have sex with Dad? I don’t know, but shit, this sucks. Why did I even have sex with Lil? If I never did that, none of this would have happened,’ I thought before I glanced back at them.

The most obvious effect of the fortune was that I could not move past toll stations without lots of questions asked. I studied the people arriving. Most people seemed to be travelers coming back to the city. Elenore came back, but she did have little useful to report. “How shall I know what to look for? Most people are just praying in silence by one or more alters and then they leave? I was on the way to try to answer when I saw a coach wagon arrive from the city. From the sign on the coach it was a general couch service, but the thin woman who stepped out was clearly a noble. The paleness of her and the fact that did not show any signs of being wearied down by mundane labor was a clear giveaway. I would put her at about ten or fifteen years older than me, but that still left her as middle aged. I could not tell what noble house she belonged to since she had ritual black clothes that is used while mourning. She paid the coach driver and walked into the ritual hills with heavy steps.

I numbly nodded as she pulled me into a quick hug before slightly pushing me towards the door hurrying me along with a final reminder to behave and do as I’m told by the adults in charge. I watched her car speed off down the drive again and looked up at the front door. My stomach was now like lead and I felt rooted to the spot, was I really going to just walk into this man’s house after what had already happened? I felt my limb’s respond before my brain had finished processing its thoughts, my feet walking towards the steps leading to my fate. I started to climb and as I reached the last step the door swung open. There he was standing already staring down expectantly at me, dressed all in black. Almost like a hungry wolf. I gulped quickly and looked up stammering out some excuse and apology for my mother not being there. He silenced me by walking the few paces and closing the gap between us, pulling me into a big bear hug and spinning me around making me giggle unexpectedly, making me forget my fear of him for a minute.

So close.” Vivian’s pussy was an inferno of want – of need – as she felt herself moisten up on Karzec’s penis. She closed her eyes, continuing to ram her hips back to meet each of his raping thrusts. It was so wrong…but also so right, at least according to the tormented libido surging through her, the one thing that could replace the numb despair in Vivian’s soul. The army officer stroked his goatee with one hand as he pulled out his withering member. Karzec grunted, looking at the pool of cum which had seeped from Vivian’s well-fucked snatch. He grabbed her by the neck. “Come on slut. Clean up your mess. Vivian stifled a groan of disgust as she licked up the cum of her rapist, tasting her own sweetness, the mixture of her cunt’s guilty surrender. She had had a brief orgasm just before Karzec’s explosion. Vivian thought sadly of her friend Amy. Her pussy would literally never be the same.

500 for a blowjob? “I think that you just aren’t up to it. I think that you’re worried about losing. And you dare to call yourself a gambler.” Richard has now thrown down the gauntlet on this young tart. The wheels start to turn in Kelly’s head. They sound similar to a hamster running on an old squeaky metal exercise wheel. 500 just to deep throat this old guy. I can do that. His cock can’t be that big. My old boyfriend, Jimmy, has a 10” cock. “And this is my reputation that we’re talking about. “What if the word got out that I passed up on this bet? I’d never live it down. I’d be more than stupid. Kelly indignantly looks over at Richard and says, “You’ve got a bet. “All right, let’s get started”, she says. ”I’ve got places to go. “First we need to draw up a contract,” says Richard. “I don’t need a contract. Let’s get this over with,” Kelly demands.

“Oh, this cock is amazing. “She did,” Jenny groaned, shivering. And then I heard footsteps and soft talking. “Shit, turn it off. Jenny gasped, fumbling at her phone, letting go of my cock. She turned it off, holding it to her chest just to be safe. I heard two girls talking, their voices soft. They were nearby. I shivered, groaning as I caught the sight of two girls sitting down at the round table just on the edge of my vision, one girl’s black hair short, the other’s brown hair in pigtails. “Big brother,” Jenny hissed, her asshole clenching on my finger. “I did,” I groaned, pushing her up against the back of the bookshelf. Those girls had no idea we were here. “Don’t make too much noise. “I won’t,” she groaned as I pulled out my hand out of her tights. I sucked on my finger, loving the sour flavor of her ass as I knelt behind her, my face pressed into her rear.

Nevertheless, he came up with a bet, a simple bet on whether the channels will be in odd number, or even, and tragically, i lost. Therefore, i found myself agreeing to his demonic motives and feeling of remorse on why i took the bet in the first place. I’d had sex with him many times, too many to count, but it’s always vanilla. But never did our sexual activity had reached such a state. After tying me, he left to prepare himself. I had no idea what he had on his mind but it’s definitely something that i wouldn’t be fond of. Well, at least for now since I knew just how great sex was with Luther. Yes, he had a mansion. This friend of mine is a rich bastard. How else did he get the money to buy this big well-polished metallic cross from? And I didn’t even know he was rich until five months ago.

We drank our first beers together, smoked our first weed together, even had sex for the first time at the same party. Another thing we liked to enjoy mutually was porn. Porn is where this all started. One night, after a long night of drinking at a friend’s party, we decided to head back to Jake’s place and call it a night. It was a decent drive from the party to Jake’s, so we’d taken a couple of beers along for the drive. Jake cracked one, handed it to me, and then cracked one for himself. He knew that I did. I ALWAYS had a stash of porn in the car. I told him, laughing. He certainly did know where it was. Reaching under the seat, he pulled out the bag of porn mags that I kept tucked away. Penthouse by the glovebox light. We drove along, commenting on the various attributes of the different women in the porn rags and drinking our beers. The back roads to his place were predictably deserted and so I wasn’t too worried about traffic and even less worried about police. I said, glancing again at the mag he was holding.

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